I’ve recommended konga to so many people. The beauty of konga is that it lets you get into e-commerce without having to go through the trouble and expense of setting up an e-commerce site of your own. These five konga selling tips will help you get started selling on konga successfully and get on your way to becoming a konga merchant.

1. PICTURE: Some people say it’s old-fashioned, but people still like to see things before they buy them. To be successful selling on konga, make sure you use professional and quality photographs when listing your products.

2. RESEARCH: As a konga merchant, before you list a particular item/product, spend some time doing research on that particular product and other similar products on konga and compare prices. This will help you gauge the interest for your product and help you determine how much your product might be worth.

3. SHIPPING: Shipping on konga has two options, either you ship yourself (Self delivery), or Kxpress do the shipping and delivery. But some methods of shipping are better than others. You already have the best method of shipping for your product in terms of expense and reliability, don’t forget to include the shipping cost in your shipping information for potential buyers.

4. Description: Give a good description that will be easy for customers to read. The trick to writing a powerful konga description is to add search engine phrase and also good details about the product in a way that will entice people to buy your product.

5. Positive feedback: Feedback really matters when you’re selling on konga. If you have a consistent record of positive feedback, prospective buyers will go for your product more often and also be willing to pay higher prices. So you may want to hold back on placing higher priced products until you have a successful track record as a konga seller.

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