6 Telecommunication Business you can start with Little Capital

In the Telecommunications industry today, technology has provided flexible ways for individual and organization to communicate through network.

Telecommunications business is one of the most lucrative businesses today in most countries, and these businesses record huge sales not minding the condition of the economy. It’s so because communication is an everyday requirement, it’s something we depend on.

Here are 6 profitable businesses you can start in the telecommunication market.

1. Smartphone sales

Technology is growing every day and things are changing as well. Those days where we use desktop PCs and laptops are rapidly passing by. People these days prefer having everything in their pocket and palm (mobile) people are now turning towards mobile devices like smartphones and tablet. The demand for mobile devices today is very high and the business is profitable. If you have a small capital to start a business, consider starting a business that sells smartphones.

2. Call center agents

Telecommunication network operators receive thousands of calls daily from customers who have questions and complaints. But because most companies are trying to cut down on their running costs, they now hire freelance call center agents instead of in-house support staff. If you have good communication skills, you can start a business that answers customers’ calls for telecommunication network operators.

3. Recharge card sales

Sales of recharge card are one of the telecommunication businesses one can start with small capital. There is huge demand for airtime, because people make calls every day. If you are planning to venture into the recharge card business, you can start buying from wholesalers and sell directly to consumers.

4. Bulk SMS business

People send and receive millions of text messages on a daily basis. A smart way to profits from this is to start a business that sells customized bulk SMS to individuals and organizations that need to send bulk messages to hundreds or thousands of recipients at once. Potential customers for this business include corporate organizations, religious organizations, non-profits, and so on. For you to make more profits from this business you need to register with a company that sells their SMS unit for a very low price, that way you can give your customers/clients a good price that will not drive them away.

5. Internet service

You can start a cyber café where you will be offering internet service to people for money. Or you set up a hotspot where people will pay to access internet for the duration agreed on. You can even start selling data to people. You buy in large quantity and sell to consumers.

6. Data sales and Bill payment

People buy data every day to browse the internet, you can start selling data, pay bills, sell VTU airtime etc. to people around you and people on your social network. One of the challenges of this business is trust, because its base on phone calls and whatsapp, unless if you are ready to create your own app or website where people can purchase and pay online.

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